Concert Schedule

All shows are at the North Madison Congregational Church, 1271 Durham Rd, Madison. See you here soon!!

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We are the only concert venue with a mission.We want to educate, inspire, and yes, entertain. Not to waste space here, visit our slowly-growing online alternative strings magazine, The Fretless Fringes.

Fall/Winter 2015


SEPTEMBER 18 (Friday) 7:00 PM:

workshop Saturday morning at 10.


Calan photo webLong-time followers of our series will remember Grada, one of my all-time favorite Irish traditional/progressive bands. I’ve been sorely missing their energy and flat-out skill. I’ve been moping. But no longer. Calan, from Wales, is the ultimate defibrillator. I’ve been shocked back to life. We’re opening the fall with a bang, and I have no problem saying that you will be blown away. Adults, $25, kids high school and under, $5.00 And yes, a workshop the following Saturday morning at 10.

OCTOBER 17, 7:00 PM


Oooh, boy. How many of you remember the Mammals? They were an amazing eye-opener, combing old-time tunes with hard-core rock sensibilities. One of my favorite memories of them was when they were cranking away at the dance tent up at the Champlain Valley festival years back, and it was simply electric. This is that. It’s Jake and Elwood saying “Let’s get the band back together.” Not all the originals could join back in, but the energy and freshness are there like never before. If you’re looking for a quiet night out, maybe you ought to look elsewhere. Rock on, Mike and Ruthy… Adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.00



workshop Saturday morning at 10

Natalie Haas and Yann Falquet

YannFalquet_20021025NatalieHere’s the formula: Take my favorite cellist, the crazy-great Natalie Haas, add her husband, the crazy-great Yann Falquet, and see what happens. Mix the elegance of Natalie and the humor and general craziness of Yann, and the result is huge fun. You’ll see just what you can do with a jew’s harp, that’s for sure… Natalie and Yann may be bringing a special guest along, but we’ll see how that shakes out. Just show up, will ya’? Adults $20, kids high school and under, $5.00 Workshop free.


NOVEMBER 21, 7:00 PM


MrSunWEBThrough the years we’ve prided ourselves on introducing some of the most accomplished young talent in the world to little Madison, Ct. Not really good players, but Grammy winning-blow-your-ears-off alternative string geniuses. The best of the best. Pure and simple. Accept no substitutes. Well, it all had to start somewhere, and this just may be the M.V.P. guy who gets the trophy laid at his feet. Darol Anger, once a young guy hanging with the likes of Mike Marshall, Jerry Garcia, Tony Rice, et. al, then on to one of the founding fathers of the ground-breaking Turtle Island Quartet, has made a career out of finding other young talent and throwing them over his shoulder to the top of the ladder of musical brilliance. It’s time to give him his due, and with his new band Mr. Sun, it’s all fireworks. It’s music that’s at once smart, brilliant, exciting, funny, and inspiring. It’ll be nothing but fun. Adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.





Back by popular demand, last year they were one of the most talked-about shows. A friend of the series was up at a UCONN graduation ceremony, and she overheard the folks in front of her talking about this cool little church that had this great Christmas bluegrass show, and how it was one of the best nights of music she’d ever had, anywhere, and that included New York, Boston, L.A., and so on. Well, it turned out that lady was here, watching the Barefoot Movement. They are too cool..

Adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.00



10 Strings and a Goat Skin

tenstringswebSo as not to insult anyone, I need to tell a story using generic names. It was at a festival last year, and this was a fiddle styles workshop/demonstration with some really big name Canadian and American fiddlers. Really big names. So big that Rowen Gallant, the 10 Strings fiddler, thought that there must be another Rowen Gallant, because what the heck was he doing in that lineup. Well, they start to play. First, one by one, the big names play, with big cheers from the various fan bases of each player. Finally, Rowen plays. Silence. Then, a roar like no other. Rowen simply blows everyone away, without even trying. He’s actually embarrassed that people are cheering so loudly. Some of the Big Names look over, quietly but visibly steaming. They know it: there’s a new train roaring through town, and they’re not on it. Flat out stupid great music from prince Edward Island, Canada. Adults, $25, kids high school and under, $5.00


March 12, 7:00 PM

Jayme Stone’s Alan Lomax Project

JaymestonewebOk, this is just a placeholder photo until the current lineup gets their picture taken. But, who cares. This is one of the most fascinating musical journeys on the planet, with banjo player extraordinaire recreating, with modern hotshot players and singers, the tunes and artists that the Lomaxes rescued from obscurity. This is simply one of the most beautiful, important, vibrant, exhilarating, inspiring shows you may ever see. Adults $30, kids high school and under, $5.00