Concert Schedule

All shows are at the North Madison Congregational Church, 1271 Durham Rd, Madison. See you here soon!!

To reserve seats or for more information for these shows please send us email.


We are the only concert venue with a mission.We want to educate, inspire, and yes, entertain. Not to waste space here, visit our slowly-growing online alternative strings magazine, The Fretless Fringes.


May 10, 7:00 PM:

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

Fraser Haas Back cover HI RES

We have the answer to your Mother’s Day dilemma. You can go to a restaurant with a million other people, and have you and your mom herded like cattle where you’ll be fed some sort of chicken thing, pay a fortune and be subjected to indifferent service, or…  You can take your mother to a place which shows your thoughtfulness, your intelligence, your love for her.

We offer Alasdair and Natalie. There’s not too much to say other than Alasdair may be the finest Scots fiddler who ever lived (I know, hard to tell about the long gone guys, but, you get my drift) and Natalie simply invented the concept of modern Celtic cello, and was a huge progenitor of the modern alternative cello movement. They are simply the best, and the original. And we’ll have that great Ashley’s Ice Cream for you, too.

Adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.00



We take a break for the summer (no air conditioning, it gets a bit sticky). In the fall we get rolling with some unbelievably great music by the likes of Mr Sun, The Mike and Ruthy Band, 10 Strings and  Goat Skin, Jayme Stone’s Allan Lomax Project, and more.