Concert Schedule

All shows are at the North Madison Congregational Church, 1271 Durham Rd, Madison. See you here soon!!

To reserve seats or for more information for these shows please send us email.


We are the only concert venue with a mission.We want to educate, inspire, and yes, entertain. Not to waste space here, visit the blog page at The Fretless Fringes.

Ben Sollee… November 8, 7 PM

(and workshop, too!)

We think cellists are pretty cool people. In the past, we’ve had Natalie Haas, Rushad Eggleston, Mike Block, Nathaniel Smith, Dana Leong, etc. So how can we not have one of the very best of the new-wave of cellists?  We also like musicians, who, after going through the rigors of classical training, which hones those chops like nothing else, then go off and simply play what happens to be in their hearts, not what anyone expects them to play. Again, past concerts have featured high-profile conservatory grads like Dana Leong, Mazz Swift, Jeremy Kittel, Natalie again, Jordana Greenberg (Herpeth Rising as a group) Paul Kowert, and on and on and on.

Then comes Ben. Ben not only plays amazingly, but what really grabs you are his vocal and songwriting skills. It’s a little tough to go on too long from here, as there’s no known name tag to put on what he does. It’s just beautiful, inspiring, motivating; whatever it is that music is supposed to be.   Adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.00 Workshop at 3, free.

December 6: A Christmas Show with The Barefoot Movement.


Sound familiar? Well, no, it’s not Bearfoot, it’s the Barefoot Movement. This also features some incredibly gifted young players who also sing like the proverbial angels. But, instead of their normal Americana/Bluegrass repertoire, it’s all Christmas in their absolutely addictive style. Get ready to sing, folks. I mean, really sing. And really have a great, great, time.

Adults, $20, kids high school and under, $5.00



They call themselves a “Renegade North Carolina Stringband” playing “Dark Holler Pop.” Do I care? Nah. What they really are are fantastic musicians playing fantastic music.

And now, here’s a rant from the chief of operations here: “What the heck do we call THIS music. It’s tough enough dealing with what Britt or Jeremy or Tania or Laura are playing, like, “new-wave old-time, or alt-folkie string stuff” and now we have a whole bunch of kids playing brilliant country-soul-swing stuff. Grammy guys want us to call it “Americana”, like it’s from some museum of nostalgia somewhere, but it’s better than all that old stuff. Not that the old stuff isn’t the wellspring and great stuff on it’s own, but things either evolve or die, and this is the evolution of all that.”

Sorry about that. Back to Mipso. They win songwriting contests, beating out folks like Gillian Welch. Yeah, that one. The play with soul, sing brilliantly, all that and more. Another one of our great finds? Well, iot’s not like no one has ever heard them, but yeah, we think you’ll be hearing a lot about these guys very very soon. Adults $20, kids high school and under, $5.00

FEBRUARY: The Revelers

Take traditional Cajun, add some zydeco, some pop, some New Orleans funk, do the shake-and-bake thing, and you get their original brand of Swamp Pop. There’s a reason we hope this comes together for February. It’ll be smokin’ hot music on a cold dreary night. Bring your party dress and dancin’ shoes.


Finally…yes, a full two years after the record-setting blizzard forced the postponement, it’s the return of the John Jorgenson Quintet. More details later, as it’s still a year away, and who the heck knows what can go on until then, but yup, it’s a date.