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All shows are at the North Madison Congregational Church, 1271 Durham Rd, Madison. See you here soon!!

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FALL, 2016

There’s no rest as we pick up with the same scary good music. The level of playing is heading into the stratosphere this year, with some interesting introductions for you, and some of the coolest indescribable mash-ups imaginable. Dates are a little tentative in some cases, but..

Saturday, September 17, 7:00 PM

Rhythm Future Quartet

Headed up by Jason Anick (a Fire in The Kitchen veteran) and violinist for John Jorgensen’s Gypsy Jazz Quintet, the Quartet is rooted in gypsy jazz, but takes off in directions that would make Django and Stephane proud. Gypsy swing for the 21st century, played by a group that displays unbelievable chops. If you were here for any of John Jorgensen’s shows, you know how good Jason is. His band? Don’t worry, they’re every bit as good as anyone could ever hope. I think you’ll be pretty surprised that people can actually play that well, that good. Jason’s now a professor at Berklee, so he’s training up a whole new crop of young jazzers as well. The NEW standard bearers in Gypsy Jazz!!


The usual Ashley’s ice cream, the usual adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.00, and knowing Jason, probably a workshop.



From Canada comes Les Poules, which is one of those bands that I love so much. They play great, sing great, perform great, etc, but where they really shine is in the breadth of their music, from traditional French-Canadian to almost college radio-friendly alt/pop tunes. If you were at the Ten Strings and a Goatskin show, Rowen was talking about this band from Montreal that they were friends with, and how they were so amazing that they wanted them on their new album. This is them. Colin’s Chickens. I love them, you’ll love them.

Adults, $20, kids high school and under, $5.00

Les Poules à Colin_300dpi




As regulars to the series know, I love stuff like this. Joe Brent takes this trio of classical/jazz prodigies (in their spare time, they appear as soloists for little orchestras like the Boston Symphony, San Francisco Symphony, etc..) and basically lets all heck break loose. This is where chamber music went, when played by musicians who have the internet thing. You can see great music from all over the world. You can take classical forms and throw the entire world-big kitchen sink at it. Something starts out as classical, turns to jazz, and then might even sound like what heavy metal would if it were played on a violin, mandolin and bass. No descriptions fit, so I won’t bother to go further. Way-out from outer-space greatness. Adults $20, kids as usual $5.00



DECEMBER 10, 7:00 PM


Yeah, virtuosity abounds, but it’s more the fun and humor or general wackiness that Darol brings to every occasion that makes this Christmas show so much better! As we get closer, and know exactly who Darol will be bringing, I’ll be able to tell more, but that’s the improv life of Darol for you. No matter who shows up, they’ll be the usual wondrous musicians. Adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.00



January 14, 7:00 PM



There’s nothing like a great stringboard that also has great grooves. Like Mike and Ruthy last year, or Mipso the year before, Driftwood really hits the sweet spot between old-time stringboard and fresh new compositions and arrangements. Driftwood though has a little bit more, with that upstate New York funkiness. You could write a college thesis on how the city kids went down south in the ’60’s t0 learn all about the original old-time music, then after college came up north and for some reason, seemed to settle in and around Ithaca. From there, maybe it was the cold weather, but they all went a little funky and, well, different. The Horseflies, The Correctones and others begat bands like Donna The Buffalo and Boy With A Fish. It’s a unique sound, but you’ll be dancing in the aisles with their high-octane bucket o’ fun. Adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.00

February 11; 7:00PM (sound sort of familiar?)

James Hill and Anne Janelle

james-anne-promo-7 (2)

James Hill is a true original. In the most original of senses. That makes little sense in and of itself, but there’s no one quite like him. I first heard him on Ukulele play a tune called “Ode To A Frozen Boot” a few years back. All I could think was that he had all the skills and flash of a young Leo Kottke. Amazing. But we’re not ukulele specialists at this series, so when he teamed up with his wife Anne on cello (now we’re talking) and joined forces with an agent friend of mine, it could happen. Just over-the-top goodness mixed with our regular scary good virtuosic standards. Adults $20, kids high school and under, $5.00

March 4. 7:00 PM

Mike Marshall and Darol Anger


Um, yup. If you know who they are as a pair, you’re already emailing me. If you don’t know, this is the duo that started it all back in the 70’s. But they don’t do “classic oldies” or “re-creating their former brilliance” or any of that retread junk. Take the most important and influential fiddler of the last 30 years, pair him with the most important and influential mandolin/mandocello player of the last 30 years, and whatever happened in the past is so over. This is the original original alternative strings wellspring. It merges classical, jazz, old-time, bluegrass, funk, whatever. It’s not a genre, it’s music. Oh, and they are probably only playing in this country together 3 or 4 times this year. You want special? We got special. Adults $30 (don’t say I did’t say anything) kids high school and under $5.00 Any music teacher not here is instantly on the fuddy-duddy train, whatever that is.

April 8. 7:00 PM

Ten Strings And A Goatskin


This is like yelling “Godzilla is coming” but being really happy about it. Last season was a packed sardine like sold out mess. I loved it. This is a legal performance enhancing drug. People were emailing me after last year’s show saying it was so fantastic they were actually crying. Plus, these guys are just plain fun. Season ender, here, and on a big-time party note. See ya here. Adults $25, kids high school and under, $5.