Emerging Artists

The series was initially based with three separate missions in  mind. First was to put up concerts from some of the best artists from around the world and introduce their unique talents to the shoreline community. Second, it was to hopefully talk all these great artists into giving workshops to educate musicians of all ages in whatever particular skill those musicians possessed to the exclusion of other musicians. We wanted them to be teaching their own unique skills or take on music, not just a whole bunch of songs. And lastly, and what came to be most important, was to present emerging artists to the community and hopefully help them get a leg up in the touring world. They serve as both a role model for our younger fiddlers in the area, and an inspiration to all. Plus, they can give a mean workshop, like Brittany and Lauren’s!

The level of talent out there is huge right now. They’re either virtuosos coming out of college (see the “Ramblings” tab on top discussing this issue) or members of bands that are dismembered, like Brittany Haas from Crooked Still. About the best I can do for them is list all the ones I’m trying to book, but may not be able to due to time conflicts on their part or our part. So, check them all out, and if you’re ever traveling somewhere and you see that they’re playing, stop in, give them a listen, and say “hi!”

Mariel Vandersteel, Jason Anick, Jeremy Kittel, Mike Block: there are simply too many young musicians who simply blow you away to mention. Stay tuned, as I’ll soon be linking to all the talent that you may never have heard of. Others who may have been around for a bit in folk circles, but are way too overlooked for their talent are artists like Laura Cortese, who we’re working on a fall show for.

Just with us as a member of the Duhks was Tania Elizabeth. She’s quietly been developing her own side projects, and I got a copy of her new cd at the Duhks show, called “Gods and Omens”, which is an anagram  for “Demo Songs”. “Demo Songs” wasn’t quite interesting enough of a title for her, I guess. Anyway, as a collection of songs sort of thrown together, it’s quite amazing. When the Duhks aren’t touring, she’ll be on her own, and maybe we can snag her for a show. A workshop is a sure thing (she already said so) as she’s got a killer in-depth technical knowledge of Canadian fiddle styles. Her newer “avant-garde” stuff is really interesting, so she’s just not another fiddler. Keep your eyes open.

Tania’s website