The Spring/Summer Schedule!

Check the concerts or workshop page for more details, but here’s the quick rundown of what’s on tap:

Looking to see the Skunk Misery Ramblers playing around the area? All shows are free!

THIS Saturday, JULY 16!! SKUNKS AT the Antique Fair on the Madison Green! 10:30, unless it gets really hot, and then we’ll start at 10 AM.

Also: First experimental musical barbecue a success! Next one at the Auber-cool Field House Farm is on August 10! Details in the schedule section.

Throughout the summer, the Skunk Misery Ramblers, our all-ages, all-abilities fiddle club will be jamming and performing through the area. Come play with us or just sit back and watch as we mangle a few tunes. Throughout March, we rehearse indoors, but once the good weather hits, I’ll post where we’ll be. To get on the mailing list, simply email Charlie at