Past Shows

The one and only Solas



The phenomenal Ben Sollee

Dana Leong

The Duhks

Jordana Greenburg of Harpeth Rising

Jordana Greenburg of Harpeth Rising

Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards


Maeve Gilchrist, musician extraordinaire.

Maeve Gilchrist, musician extraordinaire.

Crooked Still

Hot Club of Cowtown

John Jorgenson

Hands of Ben

Hands of Ben

Hanneke Cassel

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

Rushad Eggleston, the one. The only.

Rushad Eggleston, the one. The only.

Brittany Haas & Lauren Rioux

Brittany Haas, Paul Kowert, and Jordan Tice

Jeremy Kittel, Josh Pinkham, Simon Chrisman

Jeremy Kittel, Josh Pinkham, Simon Chrisman


Christian Howes

Rushad Eggleston


Nuala Kennedy

Claire Lynch



Frank Vignola

Nora Jane Struthers

Jeffrey Broussard and the Creole Cowboys

Sweetback Sisters

Rosie Flores

Jeremy Kittel   

Jay Ungar and Molly Mason 

Marley’s Ghost  


Andrea Beaton and Mairi Rankin 

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus 

Deep breath… and and Mike Block & Clay Ross and The Heartland String Project and Nuala Kennedy and The Glengarry Bhoys and Mike & Ruth and Rushad Eggleston and Jason Anick and Liz and Yvonne Kane and the London Lasses and so on……..

A few of our friends out in musicland. Other concert series, radios shows, etc.

Connecticut Folk, home of a great festival and other local issues. Great people.

Guitartown, Chris Wuerth’s bluegrass series in Hamden.

Branford Folk, great shows close to home here, held by more great people

Connecticut Bluegrass, great shows at the Salem Barn, clearing house and preservation society for all things bluegrass locally

The Sounding Board, a West Hartford institution for concerts and information

The Duhks, Grammy-winning crowd favorites.


One of our rare contra dances… it gets a little crowded!

Hanneke Cassel leads one of her superb workshops

Charlie Chadwick of John Jorgenson’s group demonstrates his folding bass.

One of our favorite fiddlers/singers, Mia Friedman

Nicola Joyce of Grada, great singer, even better friend.

workshop smiles

A typical workshop zoo. Most aren’t quite as crowded as this, but you never know…!

This is the view the band sees. Kind of a zoo, no?

Gudrun Walther of Cara, Irish National Champ fiddler, leads a workshop

3 mandolins in a boat, from the Bearfoot Bluegrass Camp for Kids