We can’t live without sponsors and volunteers. From a volunteer standpoint, big props go to guys like John Hornby and Erin Shafer for their work on the sound systems before, during, and after each show. New cash-takers (we keep letting them go off to college) are Willow Coleman and Erin Shafer.  Stacy, Paul Sprague and Sanna Stanley and a whole host of others jump in to serve you the very best Ashley’s ice cream.

Sponsors: We need them, and love them. They  make all the workshops possible, that simple. And, in a less-than-subtle hint, we always need more. Got extra change lying about? Work for a big company that needs a high-profile, wholesome way to show how much you support the arts in both performance and education? Well, we’re a great place to start, and yes, your donation to the North Madison Congregational Church’s Fire In The Kitchen concert series is tax-deductible.

So, here are the heroes:


Charles Shafer Restoration Contracting

Walden Pond Design

Neighborhood Music School

The Audobon Shop

Our private sponsors:


The Chasse Family

Carol and Keith Luckenbach

The Makoul Family


Susan Geisenheimer

The Prown/Coleman Family

The Burd Family

Ed and Diane Wolff

Susan and Michael Donoghue


Jeanine Smith and Heidi Seaton

Dr. Jay Terbush