We can’t live without sponsors and volunteers. From a volunteer standpoint, big props go to guys like John Hornby and Erin Shafer for their work on the sound systems before, during, and after each show. Eileen McCann and her daughter Elizabeth, Ken Shuey, and Emily and Erin Shafer also man the door, taking your hard-earned cash from you. Stacy, Paul Sprague and Sanna Stanley and a whole host of others jump in to serve you the very best Ashley’s ice cream. Warren and Heidi Dennison are the “middle linebackers” of the crew helping with whatever needs doing, most notably taking down the whole shebang so church can go on the next day.

Sponsors: We need them, and love them. They¬† make all the workshops possible, that simple. And, in a less-than-subtle hint, we always need more. Got extra change lying about? Work for a big company that needs a high-profile, wholesome way to show how much you support the arts in both performance and education? Well, we’re a great place to start, and yes, your donation to the North Madison Congregational Church’s Fire In The Kitchen concert series is tax-deductible.

So, here are the heroes:


Charles Shafer Restoration Contracting

Walden Pond Design

Neighborhood Music School

The Audobon Shop

Our private sponsors:


Carol and Keith Luckenbach

The Makoul Family


Susan Geisenheimer

The Prown/Coleman Family

The Burd Family

Ed and Diane Wolff

Susan and Michael Donoghue


Nila Plocha

Jeanine Smith and Heidi Seaton

Dr. Jay Terbush