Welcome to the North Madison Congregational Church’s Fire In The Kitchen Concert Series

Home of The Skunk Misery Ramblers, the coolest fiddle club in the east.

Scary Good Music. Free Workshops. Picking and fiddling club. What we do is simple. We get Grammy winners, Downbeat Poll winners, Juno winners. We get artists who play the Kennedy Center. Lincoln Center. The Sydney Opera House.  We have them give free workshops. We put you, the audience, 9 feet away from them (if you’re in the front row) with the back row being 40 feet away. We let them play with wild abandon and phenomenal skill. Then we serve you free homemade ice cream after each show, so you can pig out while talking to the performers. All for a fraction of the price these same guys get at the big performing arts centers.  We don’t charge for water, we don’t charge for ice cream. All free.

Want to become a brilliant player? We can help with that (well, sort of). Join the Skunk Misery Rambler fiddle club to get the chance to play in a large semi-organized group. We have all ages from 6-80, and ability levels to match, so don’t be scared, just have fun.

Musician looking to play here? Head to the Past Shows tab and follow the link to what the deal is.

Need a little philosophical insight? visit the slowly-growing alternative strings magazine of our sister site, The Fretless Fringes.

The church is at 1271 Durham Rd., Madison. Phone for questions is 203-668-3735.