Skunk Misery Ramblers Fiddle Club

Skunk Misery Ramblers:

What’s a Sunk Misery Rambler? Our own fiddle club, made up of students and adults of various abilities, from beginners to really good pros. We play violins, mandolins, guitars, banjos, whatever. We’re not just old-time, but also Western Swing, Bluegrass, Celtic, and yeah, we throw in a little classical here and there.

We meet almost every¬† Sunday evening at 4:00 PM, plenty of time to get home for dinner and relax before Monday. Jump on in, we’re having a great time in a no-pressure, learning-based picking session. We usually meet in the church, back door, but when the weather gets nice, we head down to the green and crank away there. Just call 203-668-3735 (my cell, so don’t be thrown by the message) for information.

Right now, we’re polishing up our sets for a few low-key performances, and there’s plenty of room for more, so stop on in!