Skunk Misery Ramblers/Workshops


Skunk Misery Rambler Meeting schedule: We’re on for most Sunday afternoons, 4-5 pm, on the Madison Green. Stop by and see us sometime!

The Skunk Misery Ramblers, the workshops, and the concerts all go hand-in-hand. We are one of the very few (and certainly the first and most imitated) series that are educationally oriented. Anyone can put concerts on, but how many do a workshop for every show, and have their own all-ages, all-abilities fiddle club? That’s what the Skunk Misery Ramblers are.

We get together most every Sunday (well, not every one, vacations and holidays get in the way) to learn new tunes, work on some new techniques, work on arrangements and in general have fun. We also like to perform, as that’s the best education of all. We play nursing homes, village greens, the occasional odd event, whatever comes our way. We don’t aim for perfection, we just aim for fun. All are welcome, no matter what your position on the learning curve. We make sure there are parts for everyone.

Is it challenging? We try to make it a little challenging for everyone, but in a relaxed way. That’s the educational part. We want to get everyone to the point where no matter where they are, if they have their instrument, they have the skills to join in at a jam or session. Kids or adults, we hope that you get the skills needed to be able to fit in anywhere.

Just fiddles? Nope. Any stringed, acoustic instrument is welcome. Flutes, whistles, or other traditional instruments? Sure;  but we don’t always play Irish, so be prepared to play a little Old-Time, Scots, Cape Breton, you name it. Got questions? Just email us on the contact form.


FALL Workshops!!!

Yup, they’re here, ready for you. The workshops present some of the finest talent in the world today, sharing their secrets or techniques. After an hour or so, well, there’s no chance you’ll be as good as them, but you will pick up a huge bag of tools to pull out when you’re playing with friends. These are meant to augment classical lessons, not supplant them, so if you want to be like some of the Grammy-winners we have lead the workshops, it’s all about practice practice practice. Everything. Not just classical. Not just what you like. Everything.


SEPTEMBER 21, 3;00 pm


Yup, you’ll get to learn what these conservatory-trained pros learn about taking your classical chops and using those to spice up your fiddle tunes. But wait, the important part: you’ll also learn the latest funky old-time chops, chunks and the likes, so you can spice up all your music in ways you never thought possible. This is all abut being brave, fearless, and attacking the music, not letting it attack you. And, as always, it’s FREE. Call 203-668-3735 for information.




Whaaaat? A free workshop with TedTalks Fellow and all-around superman-cellist Ben Sollee? Yup. Same as abovr, call 203-668-3735 for information.


Pascal and Emma of Vishten showing everyone how it’s done on Prince Edward Island

Skunk Misery Ramblers:

What’s a Sunk Misery Rambler? Our own fiddle club, made up of students and adults of various abilities, from beginners to really good pros. We play violins, mandolins, guitars, banjos, whatever. We’re not just old-time, but also Western Swing, Bluegrass, and yeah, we throw in a little classical here and there.

We meet every  Sunday evening at 4:00 PM, plenty of time to get home for dinner and relax before Monday. Jump on in, we’re having a great time in a no-pressure, learning-based picking session. We usually meet in the church, back door, but when the weather gets nice, we head down to the green and crank away there. Just call 203-668-3735 (my cell, so don’t be thrown by the message) for information.

Right now, we’re polishing up our sets for a few low-key performances, and there’s plenty of room for more, so stop on in!



Lauren Rioux teaching the chop. Fantastic workshop with Brittany Haas and Lauren Rioux.

PLUS: All our workshops!! Keep reading…

A big old thanks to the leaders of our latest workshops, folks like Paul Kowert, Christian Howes, Dana Leong,  Jordan Tice, Brittany Haas and Lauren Rioux,  Vishten, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, April Verch, Bearfoot, Claire Lynch, Hanneke Cassel, and on down the line!!

Brittany Haas working on chord theory with a big group of workshop-goers.