Welcome to the North Madison Congregational Church’s Fire In The Kitchen Concert Series

Scary Good Music. Free Workshops. Picking and fiddling club. What we do is simple. We get Grammy winners, Downbeat Poll winners, Juno winners. We get artists who play the Kennedy Center. Lincoln Center. The Sydney Opera House.  We have them give free workshops. We put you, the audience, 9 feet away from them (if you’re […]

The Spring/Summer Schedule!

Check the concerts or workshop page for more details, but here’s the quick rundown of what’s on tap:

Looking to see the Skunk Misery Ramblers playing around the area? All shows are free!

THIS Saturday, JULY 16!! SKUNKS AT the Antique Fair on the Madison Green! 10:30, unless it gets really hot, and then we’ll start at 10 AM.

Also: First experimental musical barbecue a success! Next one at the Auber-cool Field House Farm is on August 10! Details in the schedule section.

Throughout the summer, the Skunk Misery Ramblers, our all-ages, all-abilities fiddle club will be jamming and performing through the area. Come play with us or just sit back and watch as we mangle a few tunes. Throughout March, we rehearse indoors, but once the good weather hits, I’ll post where we’ll be. To get on the mailing list, simply email Charlie at workdog@mindspring.com